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Side-impact accidents are the second-most fatal type of car accident. Even when a victim survives the crash, there’s a high risk of experiencing serious or permanent health issues. When a side-impact crash leaves you struggling to pay the bills and afford medical care, you need an experienced side-impact accident lawyer on your side.

Wapner Newman understands what’s at stake after you’re blindsided by a side-impact crash. Our experienced side-impact accident attorneys are ready to listen to your story and fight to recover the side-impact accident compensation you need.

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Decades of Experience, Hundreds of Millions Recovered

Wapner Newman has spent decades building a reputation as a leader in personal injury law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We’ve successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdict awards on behalf of the injured clients we represent.

Our award-winning side-impact accident lawyers are gifted litigators who are equally at home in the courtroom and the negotiation room. We’ll gladly hammer out a settlement when it serves a client’s best interests, but we don’t shy away from taking a case to court if that’s what’s necessary to recover fair compensation for side-impact crash injuries.

We invite new clients to look over our client testimonials and case results for a better understanding of the type of life-altering outcomes the skilled side-impact accident attorneys at Wapner Newman achieve for our injured clients.

Understanding Side-Impact Crashes

Every type of vehicle accident is unique, depending upon the impact location. Situations where the impact occurs along the driver or passenger side are generally known as side crashes, right-angle collisions, T-bone crashes, broadside collisions, or side-impact crashes.

Although the people sitting closest to the point of impact are more at risk of serious injuries or death, every person in the vehicle can suffer negative consequences. After all, the side of a vehicle is its most vulnerable and least-protected point.

What causes these types of crashes? In most cases, one car doesn’t see another and either fails to yield or pulls out into traffic. It’s not surprising to hear about a side-impact crash taking place at an intersection or four-way stop. At the same time, a T-bone collision can just as easily occur when one vehicle is exiting onto a roadway with a “blind curve.”

Figures from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS HLDI) indicate that about 22% of all fatal crashes in the United States are of the side-impact variety. This makes the side-impact crash the second leading cause of roadway collision deaths, second only to frontal crashes.

The High Cost of a Side-Impact Accident

Getting Financial Help with Side-Impact Accident Injuries

Side-impact crashes often occur at high speeds. As a result, they can produce serious injuries at a higher rate than other types of crashes. In the most severe cases, a side-impact crash can lead to death. In this case, family members may need the support of a side-impact accident lawyer to file a wrongful death action. Compensation for wrongful death can provide financial support for funeral and burial expenses and medical bills incurred before death, as well as compensate for the wages the deceased would have earned over their lifetime if the accident hadn’t occurred.

When a side-impact crash leads to severe injuries, the injured individual may need lifelong attendant care. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and amputations often leave a victim and their family in need of permanent disability income. When a return to work is impossible due to side-impact injuries, it can easily become impossible to pay your bills and afford basic necessities.

Even when you’re fortunate enough to eventually make a full recovery from your injuries, you can easily find yourself left with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills you could never hope to pay off. Whatever the cost of your side-impact accident, an attorney can help prove your losses and fight to see that you’re compensated fairly.

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How a Side-Impact Accident Attorney Can Help

Our Lawyers Fight for the Injury Compensation You Need

Side-impact accident victims often make the mistake of thinking they can simply file an insurance claim and they’ll be reimbursed for their medical bills and missing wages. Unfortunately, recovering car accident compensation isn’t that simple.

Car accident compensation often comes down to which driver caused the crash. When you speak with an insurance agent, they’ll ask you a list of prepared questions. These questions are usually designed to get you to admit you caused the crash or that your injuries aren’t as severe as you’re claiming on paper.

Accident victims are then often shocked to have their claim denied or to be offered a small settlement that doesn’t adequately cover the costs of the crash. This is why you need a side-impact accident attorney on your side. Your lawyer handles communication with the insurance company for you, so you don’t accidentally make statements that reduce the compensation you qualify to receive.

Once your side-impact accident attorney is finished investigating the crash, establishing liability, and collecting evidence of your financial losses, they’ll enter into negotiations with the insurance company. While some cases end up going to court for a verdict, most side-impact accident cases are resolved through a settlement. At every step of the way, your lawyer’s knowledge and experience are working for you to protect your finances and recover the compensation you and your family need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find some of the most common questions the side-impact accident attorneys at Wapner Newman hear from new clients in need of accident compensation.

How are side-impact crashes different from other types of car accidents?

Side-impact accident crashes are more deadly than many other types of crashes. They’re also more likely to lead to catastrophic injuries like a traumatic brain injury or a spinal injury.

Do I need to work with a side-impact accident attorney to recover injury compensation?

Working with a lawyer almost always increases the amount of compensation you can recover. Your first step after a crash should always be to consult a lawyer and learn more about your options.

How much money can a side-impact accident lawyer help me recover?

Side-impact accident injury compensation is different in every case. Compensation is higher in cases that involve severe injuries or extensive medical bills.

How long do I have to contact a side-impact accident lawyer?

You usually have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit to recover injury compensation. To improve your chances of a positive outcome, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible after a crash.

What does it cost to hire a side-impact accident attorney?

The side-impact accident lawyers at Wapner Newman offer contingency fee arrangements. You don’t pay until your case is finished, and you only pay if we win.

Do you have additional questions about recovering side-impact accident compensation? You can get answers at no charge by scheduling a free consultation with a side-impact accident lawyer at Wapner Newman.

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Don’t Wait to Fight for Your Future

While it would be easier on everyone if all insurance companies automatically covered your side-impact crash vehicular damage and medical costs, it doesn’t always happen that way. In fact, plenty of accident victims are left with mounting bills, struggling to pay their creditors and return to their pre-crash lives.

In this situation, you can best serve your family’s needs by making contact with a knowledgeable attorney like those who work at Wapner Newman. A free consultation with a legal professional will help you determine a recommended course of action, giving you direction and a greater understanding of your rights.

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