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Our Philadelphia dental malpractice attorney handles cases where negligent actions on the part of dental providers result in serious injury to our clients.
When most people think of medical malpractice, they think of major surgical errors, failure to diagnose cancer, and other glaring examples of negligence. However, dentists can be prone to the same level of negligence as medical doctors, causing long-term complications including paralysis and death.

Though these might seem like extreme outcomes of dental procedures, they do happen. When paralysis or death is caused by a doctor’s carelessness, patients and their family members deserve justice and compensation for their losses.

At Wapner Newman, we handle dental malpractice cases involving wrongful death and paralysis from anesthesia. We understand how serious these cases are for those who have lost loved ones or been personally affected by a healthcare provider’s negligence.

If you or your loved one has been impacted by dental malpractice involving wrongful death or paralysis from anesthesia, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately and schedule a free consultation with our team.

Wrongful Death and Dental Malpractice

Though many of us fear the dentist, few would imagine that a dental appointment could be fatal. However, dental mistakes can have serious consequences, including death. Dentists and dental assistants are trained to identify health risks and enact safety measures to keep patients safe, though when they fall short of that duty, the results can be disastrous. If that happens, it can help to consult with a wrongful death law firm in Philadelphia.

Wrongful death can have many causes. In a dental setting, two of the most common culprits are infections and anesthesia errors. Infections happen when dentists use unclean tools or equipment or fail to follow up with patient who shows signs of infection, such as sepsis, facial swelling, trismus or dysphagia.

Anesthesia errors can also be fatal for dental patients. Dental professionals should be aware of health risks patients might have and administer the proper type and amount of anesthesia based on the patient’s needs. Failure to do so can lead to serious, fatal complications.

Deaths in dental procedures are almost always preventable. They happen when dentists or dental assistants make mistakes. Dental-related malpractice can also happen outside of a dentist’s office, in locations including emergency rooms, primary care facilities and ambulances.

Surviving members of a deceased patient’s family have the right to file wrongful death claims if the death was caused by a healthcare provider’s negligence. These claims offer family members much-needed compensation for the costs stemming from a loved one’s passing.

Paralysis from Anesthesia Used in Dental Procedures

While many dental procedures involve local anesthetics, which are generally considered safe, more complicated procedures require regional or general anesthetics. These anesthetics can pose several dangers to patients if they are administered improperly.

Anesthesia errors can lead to residual paralysis, a condition in which a patient has a loss of function or sensation in a part of their body. General anesthesia affects the entire body, so residual paralysis from general anesthesia can affect any part of the body.

Regional and general anesthesia are potentially dangerous and should be given only to patients who truly need it. Ultimately, healthcare providers must make the call. If they fail to take the patient’s condition into account or make errors, there may be grounds for a dental malpractice lawsuit.

How Our Dental Malpractice Lawyers Help Our Clients

Clients come to our firm after experiencing some of the biggest challenges one can imagine. We understand that they need help, and we’ve built a team that is compassionate, helpful and very good at getting results for clients.

At Wapner Newman, we offer support to our clients. We help them find the care they need to cope with a loss or serious injury. We answer any questions they have about their case and give them frequent updates about their case’s progress. Most importantly, we make sure they get the compensation they deserve.

Our dental malpractice attorneys make sure we calculate the full costs of the damages you’ve experienced. We look at medical expenses, lost income and other financial costs stemming from a serious injury or lost loved one. But we also find out how malpractice has impacted you and your loved ones on a deeper level.

We factor in all the damages you’ve suffered – economic and non-economic – so you can be sure you are given the compensation you deserve. No amount of money will heal a wound or bring back a loved one, but they do offer people the tools to cope with their suffering. They also offer something deeper. Our team knows that these claims are about accountability. You deserve justice, and we want to help you get it.

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