Road Construction AccidentsIt’s hard to drive anywhere today without coming across construction zones. Most of the time, road construction is simply a nuisance, slowing traffic and delaying your daily commute. But if construction zones aren’t properly marked, they can pose a serious danger, heightening the risk of a car accident.

Construction zone workers are responsible for putting up clear warning signs and safely guiding changes in the flow of traffic.

Any of the following factors can cause a car accident in a construction zone:

  • Unclear lane markings
  • Insufficient warning signs
  • Unsafe lane merging
  • Construction debris on the road
  • Insufficient personnel to direct traffic

Multiple parties may be held responsible in road construction car accidents. Negligence in the construction zone can be traced back to the construction company, the contractor, the on-site workers, or the local government entity that was in charge of the construction zone.

Road Construction Accidents Lawyer

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