Wapner Newman has received positive reviews for medical malpractice settlements, personal injury lawsuits, and more. But rather than tell you ourselves, our clients have volunteered tell you about their experiences during and after legal representation.

When my child was born with a severe brachial plexus injury…
“I needed an experienced lawyer who understood all of the medical issues. Wapner Newman provided the experience that was required to win the case. I always felt my son’s future was in good hands during all phases of the case through settlement.” – Dwight W.

Wapner Newman provide a lifetime of financial security for my child.
“I don’t know how I would have been able to take care of my child at home without all of the money that Wapner Newman recovered for my son’s brain injury.” – Ron W.

Dawn’s Story

When my son died after a simple tonsillectomy I turned to Wapner Newman.
“They got me justice. I will always be grateful for the time and attention that they paid to my wife and I during this terrible time.” – Sam N.

Wapner Newman understood the pain I was suffering.
“They obtained a settlement that gave me back my dignity.” – Eddie W.

Nancy’s Story
Nancy suffered a lower back injury and then paralysis in the legs due to medical malpractice. Watch Nancy as she discusses how she was referred to Wapner Newman, her experience with our injury attorneys and office staff, and what she learned about the legal process.

The support staff at Wapner Newman is incredible.
“They were always there to answer my questions. They provided the support I needed while my lawsuit was pending. I will never forget their compassion and thoughtfulness.” – Diane S.

Angeline’s Story

After my car accident…
“I didn’t know how my medical bills or my property damage would be paid. Fortunately, I hired Wapner & Newman to represent me. They took care of everything so that all I had to do was get the medical treatment I needed. All of my claims were settled quickly and fairly. I even received compensation for my pain and suffering.”– Robert R

Eddie’s Story

Morgan’s life will be forever changed for the better
“Just wanted to send you a picture of Morgan with her new baby sister Taylor (our joyful surprise of 2011). We have been doing well and wanted to let you know that Morgan’s life will be forever changed for the better as a result of your hard-work and we will never be able to thank you enough. You will always be a special person to us and we pray for your well being often.” – Deborah and Jimmie

Trent’s Story

Vincent’s Story