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Our team of Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers at Wapner Newman have the experience to know that these types of claims are very different from claims in other injury cases. Obviously, the injuries in wrongful death cases are the most serious imaginable. However, the differences aren’t just about the seriousness of the injuries. More than any other type of case, wrongful death cases are about accountability. They are about standing up to a reckless individual or business to demand that they be held responsible.


After a wrongful death, families lose more than a loved one. They are robbed of a future and a pillar of support in their lives. Families can face unthinkable challenges and are often put in an impossible financial situation. Wrongful death claims can save a family from financial ruin. However, these claims can also right a wrong and make systems fairer for others. Wrongful death claims have the ability to tip the balance of power back to those who deserve it.


If you and your family have lost a loved one because of someone else’s wrongdoing or carelessness, you have the opportunity to seek justice. Contact Wapner Newman at (215) 569-0900 to speak to one of our experienced wrongful death attorneys today. We help clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Experienced, Compassionate Wrongful Death Attorneys

Having the right wrongful death attorney on your side can make a major difference in the outcome of your case.

The loss of a loved one is an overwhelming tragedy. After a death in the family, you may find that, in addition to your grief, you are burdened by medical bills for your loved one’s treatment and funeral expenses, as well as losing a household income and other financial contributions.

When your loved one’s death was caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another, you may want to obtain justice on their behalf. The best way to do this is by filing a lawsuit for a wrongful death claim that lets you pursue compensation to deal with the financial consequences of the death. It is also a way to hold the person responsible for the death accountable.

While no amount of compensation can make up for your loved one’s death, the last thing you should be concerned with during such a difficult time is how to cope with the financial hardship caused by the tragedy. The experienced Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers at Wapner Newman are here to deal with the legal technicalities of filing a claim to help your family seek the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

How Our Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help You

When you consult with our legal team at Wapner Newman, the first thing we will do is discuss the circumstances of your loved one’s death and determine whether you have a valid case.

A wrongful death claim can be looked at as a personal injury case where an eligible family member of the deceased seeks compensation since the deceased can no longer do so. It is a civil lawsuit asking for financial restitution, and it is separate from a criminal case, in which charges are filed by the federal, state, or local prosecutor to punish a wrongdoer. A wrongful death claim may be filed even if a criminal case is made as well.

Pennsylvania wrongful death laws are complicated, and making mistakes can be costly, but our attorneys know the courts and the system and will fight aggressively for justice and the settlement you deserve. We can help by:

  • Evaluating your case to determine what it may be worth and what a fair settlement would be
  • Making sure all paperwork is filed in accordance with Pennsylvania laws and deadlines
  • Investigating your case, gathering evidence, and interviewing witnesses
  • Handling all legal procedures and court appearances
  • Hiring experts to reconstruct how the death occurred, who was at fault, and provide testimony as to how the resulting damages affect your life
  • Handling communications and negotiations with insurance companies and their lawyers, who will attempt to get you to accept the lowest amount possible
  • Building your case and taking it to court if necessary.

Philadelphia Wrongful Death Lawyers Get $227 Million Settlement in Market Street Building Collapse Case

The Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers at Wapner Newman were able to help conclude a long civil trial stemming from the 2013 building collapse on Market Street, with a $227 million settlement believed to be the largest personal injury settlement in Pennsylvania history. The jury returned a unanimous verdict and decided the Salvation Army was 75 percent responsible for the building collapse that led to the death of seven people and the injuries of 12 other victims.

A team of lawyers from four law firms represented survivors of the deceased victims and victims injured in the collapse. Wapner Newman represented the families of two victims, the family of Mary Simpson and the family of Roseline Conteh.

The jury agreed with the argument the wrongful death attorneys presented that the two individuals who were criminally prosecuted were held only 1 percent responsible for the collapse, and the Salvation Army was primarily responsible for the loss of life and trauma of all victims.

This civil trial settlement not only provides relief to the victims, it also sends a strong message to businesses that safety should always be a top priority.

Elements of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Our Pennsylvania wrongful death attorneys know the importance of proving negligence.

Although the only way to know whether you have a wrongful death claim is to consult an experienced wrongful death attorney, there are some elements common to most cases. To win a wrongful death case, Pennsylvania law requires proving that the other party was at fault and was responsible by showing the following:

  • The party who caused the injuries resulting in death had a responsibility to not injure the deceased, failed to live up to that responsibility, and a death occurred.
  • There is a connection between the other party’s responsibility and the death due to negligence or intent to harm.
  • The surviving family members suffered damages, or a financial loss, as a result of the death.

Wrongful death is caused by an act of negligence, not a criminal act like murder. When someone is negligent in fulfilling some duty owed to your loved one – such as correctly diagnosing a disease — even without intent, the result may be a preventable death.

Find Out Whether You Have a Wrongful Death Claim

Our wrongful death attorneys can determine whether you have a claim after meeting with you. We offer a free legal consultation to review aspects of your case such as:

  • Are you an eligible family member or beneficiary of the deceased?
  • Is there evidence that someone else’s negligence led to the death?
  • Can you show current or future financial losses as a result of the death?

Our compassionate attorneys will pursue compensation aggressively, so that you may begin to recover from the financial repercussions of your loved one’s death. While we fight for you, you can focus on healing emotionally without a financial burden on your shoulders. Contact our wrongful death lawyer at Wapner Newman. Use our website form or call (215) 569-0900 to set up your free consultation. We serve clients across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Causes of Wrongful Death

Wrongful death can be the result of many types of accidents, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premises liability (slip-and-fall)
  • Construction site accidents.
  • Product liability (defective products).

No matter the cause of your loved one’s death, you deserve a compassionate Philadelphia wrongful death attorney who will aggressively pursue the negligent party and help your family begin to heal. Accident victims’ families deserve experienced legal advice after losing a loved one in a fatal accident. If you are considering a wrongful death action, contact our team today.

Examples of What Makes a Death a Wrongful One

There can be a fine line between a death that was accidental and a wrongful one where someone else’s negligence was at fault.  Here are some examples of when deaths are wrongful:

  • A vehicle accident was caused by a reckless drunk driver who ran a red light.  The driver could be held liable.
  • There was a workplace accident cause by lack of proper fall protections or proper protection for exposure to toxic substances. The construction company or business owner may be held liable.
  • There was medical malpractice when a surgeon did not adhere to the standard of care and left sponges in the operation site, resulting in a fatal infection. The surgeon or hospital could be held liable.
  • A manufacturer produced and marketed a defective medical device that failed and led to death. The manufacturer, distributer, and salesperson could be held liable.

In some cases, there may be more than one negligent party who could be held liable.  Our wrongful death attorneys will identify all potential liable parties and name them as defendants in the case, as they all may have insurance and assets.

Our Attorneys Will Determine Whether You Have a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a wrongful death claim is most commonly filed by the spouse or dependent children of the victim. In some instances, parents, siblings, and family members who relied on the victim may also file a claim. Our wrongful death lawyers in Philadelphia can help you determine whether you have a right to file a lawsuit and what damages to ask for.

Determining damages in a wrongful death claim is not an easy task. You cannot possibly put a price on the worth of your loved one’s life, but you’ll be asked to do just that for the purposes of your claim. The accidental death attorneys at Wapner Newman know how difficult this process can be.

We will work closely with you to help develop a settlement that takes into account all of your damages, including:

  • Related medical expenses
  • End-of-life expenses
  • Projected future income
  • Projected future financial contributions such as mortgage and tuition
  • Loss of a loved one.

It is important to remember that even if a negligent party is cleared of criminal charges, they may still be responsible for damages in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Our Philadelphia wrongful death attorneys will help you establish your case and fight to get you the full compensation you need to face the trying years ahead.

What to Expect in a Wrongful Death Case

Our wrongful death lawyers in Philadelphia will make sure you are prepared and know what to expect.

According to Title 42, Chapter 83 of the Pennsylvania General Statutes, Section 8301, a wrongful death is one that is “caused by the wrongful act or neglect or unlawful violence or negligence of another.” Since the deceased cannot bring a claim, it must be filed by the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate on behalf of the estate’s beneficiaries.

If the personal representative does not file the wrongful death claim within six months of the date of death, any of the beneficiaries may file the claim on behalf of all the beneficiaries.

1. The Process of a Wrongful Death Case

Wrongful death cases are complicated, and the process can involve several steps that may take time to resolve, including:

Investigating and gathering evidence and, if necessary, consultation with experts to conduct investigations to determine responsibility.

Discovery. After a wrongful death claim is filed with the court, there will be a “discovery,” where the attorneys seek information from one another about the case through written questions, requests for documents and evidence, and depositions.

Making and Answering Pre-Trial Motions. Before trial, both attorneys may make legal motions and arguments about disputes, how evidence was gathered or preserved, details about the complaint or answer, and they may even argue that you should win the suit without a trial.

Determining Damages. Your attorney will determine . . .

  • Economic damages, i.e., expenses which can be objectively calculated, such as medical and end-of-life costs, property damage, and funeral and burial costs.
  • Non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering and loss of consortium, which are more subjective and more likely to be contested.

Settlement or Trial. If your Philadelphia wrongful death lawyer can negotiate a settlement out of court, the costs of your case and the time it will take will be reduced. If not, the case will proceed to trial, where arguments are given by both sides, a verdict is rendered, and damages are determined.

Appeal. If you or the other side is not happy with the verdict, the decision can be appealed by your wrongful death attorney.

2. Time Limits

According to Pennsylvania Statutes Title 42 Pa.C.S.A. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure § 5524, there is a statute of limitation that allows two years from the date of an injury or death to file a lawsuit in the state’s civil court system or it will not be heard by the court unless some exception applies.

The Pennsylvania survivor statute states that if a claim began during the decedent’s lifetime, that person’s estate may recover damages for pain and suffering, loss of gross earning power from the date of the injury until death, and loss of earning power, less personal maintenance expenses from the time of the death through the decedent’s estimated working life span.

Wrongful death lawsuits must be filed by the Personal Representative of the estate of the deceased. If a wrongful death lawsuit is not filed within six months after the death, any beneficiary may file on behalf of all the beneficiaries.

Due to the time limits, it is important to speak to a Philadelphia wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. Wrongful death cases are complicated and can take time to come to completion, especially if a trial is necessary. Fortunately, many cases are settled out of court, which can shorten the time to months, instead of the possibility of years which can happen with a trial.

Damages in a Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Case

Our wrongful death lawyers will aggressively fight for optimum damages.

In a civil case like a wrongful death lawsuit, the defendant’s liability is expressed solely in terms of money damages. Damages that may be available in a successful Pennsylvania wrongful death claim include:

  • funeral and burial expenses
  • hospital and medical expenses
  • estate administration expenses
  • lost wages and benefits, including amounts the deceased reasonably would have been expected to contribute to their family’s support
  • compensation for the loss of household services, society, and comfort provided by the deceased, including provision of both physical comforts and services and moral guidance, comfort, and support
  • compensation for pain and suffering, loss of love, affection, and consortium for the surviving spouse, and loss of guidance, inheritance, moral upbringing, advice, love, and support for the deceased’s children
  • punitive damages to punish the defendant if actions were particularly egregious or willful.

Damages like loss of comfort, companionship, and guidance are intended to compensate the surviving family members for their losses related to the untimely death and are available only to a surviving spouse, children, or parents.

Damages like funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, and estate administration expenses, however, are compensated even if there are no surviving spouse, children, or parents.

In determining damages, considerations will be made for questions such as the kind of job the decedent had, what the earnings prospects were for the future, and how this would add up over the person’s life expectancy.

There is no cap on the amount of damages for a wrongful death claim except for punitive damages, which cannot exceed two times the amount of compensatory damages.

What to Expect For a Wrongful Death Settlement

Settlements in wrongful death cases vary greatly and can range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, based on factors including:

  • The type of accident, circumstances of the death, and the damages sustained
  • The age and earning potential of the victim
  • Whether or not the victim survived for a lengthy period of time after the accident occurred
  • The limits of the insurance policy held by the at-fault party
  • The legal issues involved, the strength of the evidence, and the need for expert witnesses
  • The individual judge, court and jury
  • The skill and experience of your wrongful death lawyer.

There are many different factors at play when determining how much you should seek in your wrongful death claim. You want to be sure that you are demanding payment that accurately reflects the challenges you and your loved one have faced. At Wapner Newman, a personal injury lawyer will thoroughly review your situation to help you determine how much you are owed and what legal option might best yield the financial compensation you are entitled to.

Choosing a Wrongful Death Attorney

When you choose a wrongful death lawyer, consider:

  • Trial experience
  • Experience pursuing cases with circumstances similar to yours
  • Whether the attorney works on a contingency basis (no collection of fees until you win compensation)
  • Whether the lawyer answers your questions in an honest and straightforward manner.

Choosing the right wrongful death attorney is essential in order to maximize your chances of pursuing a successful case. In the midst of such an overwhelming crisis, you should never settle for an attorney who makes you feel uneasy; choose one who takes the time to make you feel comfortable and informed and who is actively engaged in your case.

There are many options available when searching for a Philadelphia wrongful death lawyer, but that doesn’t mean that all those options will offer you the same level of service. At the injury law firm of Wapner Newman, we have proven that we will devote the full resources of our firm to getting our clients results. However, we want the chance to tell you in person how we can help. We offer free consultations, so we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a case evaluation with our team.


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