Emergency Room Negligence Claims

When an illness or injury requires immediate medical assistance, a trip to the emergency room is often unavoidable. Emergency rooms are designed to provide prompt and life-saving treatment in times of need, and are staffed with medical professionals who should be capable of dealing with any type of injury or illness they are faced with.

Emergency Room Standards of Care

Working in an emergency room requires the ability to think quickly and decisively. It also requires the ability to pay close attention to detail, and to meet the needs of any patient with appropriate services. As demanding as this may be, emergency room staff and doctors are specially-trained to respond effectively even under the most hectic circumstances.

Sadly, many hospitals fail to staff their emergency rooms with competent, well-trained personnel. Every year, these inadequacies result in thousands of Americans suffering additional injuries and even wrongful death because of a medical professional’s negligence.

Defining Emergency Room Negligence

Doctors in emergency rooms work under an enormous amount of pressure. It is important that they diagnose, treat, and release patients as quickly as possible. It is also important that they provide every patient with accurate and necessary treatments to avoid future complications. Failure to do so is a form of medical malpractice, and entitles you to seek compensation for any damages this negligence has caused. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Pennsylvania can help you through the process of filing an emergency room negligence claim.

Emergency room negligence can take many forms, such as failure to detect bacterial meningitis or any other infection or disease. Other examples of emergency room negligence include:

  • Surgical errors
  • Failure to assess patient charts
  • Failure to detect complications
  • Medication errors
  • Improper monitoring

If you have been injured due to emergency room negligence, the experienced medical malpractice attorneys in Philadelphia at Wapner Newman can help you investigate the situation and determine who is responsible. Our New Jersey and Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers believe you should not be left to face the financial burden of your unnecessary injuries alone.

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