You have likely noticed the rapid increase in delivery services for a wide range of goods, including food. As more of these delivery drivers hit the road, the chance of your having an accident with them increases. You may be looking for legal representation because you had the misfortune of being an in accident with a DoorDash driver. Our DoorDash accident lawyers in Philadelphia represent those who have been injured in accidents with these delivery drivers.

Wapner Newman has unique experience in cases involving delivery drivers. Our DoorDash accident attorneys currently represent the family of Tiffany Reed in a delivery driver accident. In this tragic case, not only the driver is responsible, but we argue that the companies for which the driver worked are, too.  Ms. Reed was killed in the hit-and-run accident as she walked home after work. The driver worked for DoorDash, but also handled deliveries for other delivery app companies like GrubHub and Postmates.

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DoorDash Drivers Should Be Fully Vetted by Companies

In the Tiffany Reed case, Wapner Newman argues that the companies, including DoorDash, did not adequately check records of their driver. During the time that he worked for the companies, he didn’t have a driver’s license or proper registration and, at times, even lacked insurance. This one accident may show a disturbing trend. DoorDash and other delivery drivers may pose risks of accidents to others on the road, including pedestrians and bicyclists. As the drivers seek to earn income by making as many trips as possible, they may speed and engage in other reckless driving behavior.

If you’ve been injured in an accident with a DoorDash driver, you should contact our attorneys at Wapner Newman. These cases are more complex than a typical car accident claim. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to seek compensation from all responsible parties. We will identify when and how the companies that hired the driver are liable. Our team has the legal skills and detailed understanding of Pennsylvania laws to prove when companies like DoorDash are negligent.

DoorDash and other delivery service companies should be held responsible for anyone injured on the road when they do not thoroughly vet drivers, even when the injured are drivers they hire.

Why Choose a DoorDash Lawyer at Wapner Newman


There are many law firms in Philadelphia that you might choose to represent you after your accident with a DoorDash delivery driver. We hope to make that choice easy. There are several reasons why you should rely upon Wapner Newman to fight for you in a case involving DoorDash. Choosing the right legal representation could mean a difference between a five-figure settlement and an eight-figure one.

Here are some reasons why you should work with our DoorDash lawyers:

  • Millions Won for Clients:  We are proud of our record of success. We’ve won many multimillion-dollar vehicle accident cases.
  • Client Testimonials: One of the best ways to learn about how we serve our clients is to hear it and read it for yourself. Find out why so many of our clients are glad they chose Wapner Newman.
  • Compassion:  We understand that an accident with a DoorDash vehicle may cause drastic changes in your life, especially if you suffered severe injuries. We know you and your family must face not only dealing with your injuries but also financial stress. Our compassionate attorneys will always treat you with the consideration, respect and understanding you and your family deserve.
  • Experience: Our history of cases we’ve handled means we know the strategies necessary to win an accident case involving DoorDash. There are many complexities when both the DoorDash driver and the company may be found liable for your injuries.
  • Legal Knowledge: We have extensive legal knowledge in this area because we focus on these types of accidents. Proving negligence is central to a DoorDash accident case and our detailed knowledge of Pennsylvania laws work to your benefit.

We are confident that our DoorDash accident lawyers are your best option for skilled legal representation. Find out why — get a free consultation today by calling (215) 569-0900.

How Much Money Can You Get after a DoorDash Accident?

Because each case is unique, our Philadelphia DoorDash accident lawyer cannot immediately tell you how much compensation you can obtain. However, once we gather all information related to your accident and determine the full amount of your losses, we can give you an estimate of the compensation you may pursue.

The losses you incur resulting from the accident and your injuries are called “damages,” and they include a range of costs. Among them are…

  • Emergency department medical fees
  • Medical bills for treatment of your injuries
  • Costs for a hospital stay
  • Therapy costs, including those for rehabilitation, physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Costs for hiring services to handle daily tasks when your injuries are so severe you cannot perform them, such as housecleaning, mowing or shoveling
  • Future medical bills if your injuries from the DoorDash accident are so severe, you will need long-term care
  • Lost income for the time your injuries prevented you from working
  • Estimated future income if you will be unable to work for an extended time.

Some damages do not have costs that are as easily calculated as those listed above. These types of damages are considered “non-economic” and require our skilled attorneys’ knowledge to determine how much compensation you should receive for them. These types of damages may include:

  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional harm from disfigurement and scarring, if your injuries were severe and are highly visible
  • Pain and suffering associated with serious or long-term injuries.

If our DoorDash accident attorneys determine that negligence on the part of the driver, and possibly the company, was so egregious that they acted with malice or extreme recklessness, we may pursue punitive damages. Winning punitive damages in an accident case is rare, but these damages have a purpose. One of the reasons we may ask for punitive damages is if we believe it will push DoorDash, and other delivery service companies like them, to avoid such negligence in the future.


We understand the stress you may feel as your medical costs begin to add up and as your injuries cause you to miss work. Our Philadelphia car accident lawyer will fight hard for the full compensation you deserve for your injuries caused by the DoorDash accident. We are highly experienced with vehicle accident cases and will leave out no detail as we calculate every cost you incur. Those who are responsible for your injuries should pay for all of your losses.

DoorDash Accident Liability

While DoorDash does provide some insurance coverage for accidents that happen while its drivers are making a delivery, the company limits its liability. DoorDash shifts a lot of the responsibility of paying claims to the driver’s insurance company. Furthermore, the company attempts to shift responsibility for injuries sustained in an accident to the driver as much as possible (Independent Contractor Agreement. Indemnity. 13.2). This does not mean that the company holds no liability for accidents caused by DoorDash drivers while they are on duty.


Do you wonder if DoorDash drivers who cause accidents are solely liable? You may want to know if you can also hold the company accountable for your injuries. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, it is possible that you can sue DoorDash. The best way to know if the company can be held responsible is by working with our skilled attorneys. Our team at Wapner Newman will evaluate all the details of your accident to determine whose negligence led to your injuries, and how. We will fully investigate whether negligent actions on the part of the company contributed to the accident.

Part of the determination will depend on whether the DoorDash driver was in the process of a delivery at the time of your accident. Given the structure of the agreement between DoorDash and its contractors, it’s possible that only the driver is responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. The driver may have had the DoorDash sign visible, but have been on their way to eat a meal, or to visit a friend, or heading home after their shift.


As more delivery drivers are on the road, the number of food delivery driver accidents have increased. These accidents, including DoorDash accidents, have many potential causes. As the delivery app businesses rapidly grow, they need to hire new drivers. They may not be familiar with the areas to which they deliver. To help them find addresses, they rely on map apps and even text messaging and other tools while driving. Distracted drivers are, by definition, unsafe. Another group of drivers who pose similar threats are those working for rideshare apps, like Uber and Lyft.

Distracted and reckless delivery drivers pose a danger to others, but they also are a danger to themselves. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, fatal injuries for driver/sales workers between 2015-2019 was 334, with the highest number in 2019. The data regarding drivers in our area is even worse. A 2019 study concluded that Philadelphia is the third worst city in the U.S. for distracted driving and Pennsylvania is the fourth worst state. Wapner Newman raised the alarm on this issue and our attorneys are prepared to fight for any person injured by delivery drivers.

Get Help from Our Philadelphia DoorDash Accident Lawyer Today


It’s important that you act quickly to get skilled legal representation. Call on us today and our DoorDash accident lawyer will get to work on your case immediately. It is essential that our team collect evidence and interview witnesses as close to the time of your accident as possible. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there is also a two-year time limit to bring a personal injury case, so the sooner we get started the better.

Our attorneys will handle all communications with insurance company representatives so you don’t have to. Work with Wapner Newman and we will protect you from harming your case inadvertently. Insurance companies will use every tactic possible to keep their costs low and profits high, including pinning some responsibility for the accident on you. While there are accident cases where our client holds partial responsibility, it is often less than what an insurance company would decide.

Let us handle the legal work in your DoorDash accident case. The focus for you and your family should be on recovering from your injuries and moving forward with your lives.

Our team will pursue the maximum compensation possible in your case and will fight fiercely on your behalf to win. Let’s get started now. Give our team at Wapner Newman a call at (215) 569-0900.