Questions About Defective Products

What makes a product defective?

Any product can be defective. Many manufacturers are more concerned with pushing their products out to the marketplace than with testing the goods and ensuring the safety of consumers.

Anything from child’s toys to pharmaceuticals to automobiles can pose a threat. If the product was not properly labeled or the instructions were faulty, you may have a product liability claim for your injury. There could also be fault with the way the product was designed or manufactured, or a failure on the part of the company to properly warn you of potential hazards.

How do I know if I have a product liability claim?

If you’ve been injured while using a product, you potentially have a claim and should consult a product liability attorney, like those at Wapner Neweman. We’ve worked with many consumers to get justice and compensation for injuries that happened because of negligent companies. We will help you determine how strong your case is.

What should I do with the defective product?

Keep it. Your instinct may be to throw the offending product away, but don’t. You’ll want to save the product in the exact condition it was in when it caused your injury. Bring it and any instructions and labeling that came with it to your initial consultation so that we can examine it. We will need to investigate the defective product and your injury to build the strongest case we can against the negligent company.

How can I help my product liability attorney with my case?

When you meet with us for your initial consultation, you should provide us with as much specific detail about the product and your accident as possible. The more we know about how you were injured and the circumstances surrounding the accident, the better we can direct our investigation and anticipate the arguments that the company may make against your claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product in Philadelphia and Allentown, Pennsylvania or New Jersey, please contact Wapner Newman for your free consultation with one of our experienced product liability attorneys.