Parents have been urged for decades to ensure that their children are safely strapped into child seats when riding in a car. It’s the safe and right thing to do, they’re told.

However, our Philadelphia Injury lawyers have seen too many Philadelphia children hurt by defective, poorly designed and poorly manufacturer child safety seats. Parents who did the right thing have seen their children hurt as a result of these errors.

This is unacceptable. At Wapner Newman, we don’t think you and your child should suffer in silence. If your child has been hurt by a defective child seat, our product liability attorneys can fight for you in this difficult time.

Let us help you pursue justice and compensation.

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How Defective Child Seats Hurt Kids

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the following car seat manufacturers have issued recalls of their seats in recent years:

  • Baby Trend Inc. (Latch-Loc models)
  • Britax Child Safety Inc. (Advocate, Boulevard, Frontier, Decathlon and Pavilion models)
  • Chicco USA Inc. (Cortina Travel Systems, Keyfit and Keyfit 30 models)
  • Combi USA (Multiple models)

This is obviously far from an exhaustive list. You should speak with our personal injury lawyers if your child has been hurt by his or her car seat, regardless of the make or model. We can investigate your claim, determine whether the seat was defective and then prove it in court.

Defective child seats present a number of serious dangers to children. Our personal injury lawyers have seen a wide range of consequences to defective child seats.

A poorly designed or manufactured child safety seat can:

  • Pose a choking hazard
  • Come dislodged from the car’s back seat
  • Result in a child being ejected from the car due to poor restraints
  • Provide insufficient padding during an accident

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

If your child has been hurt in the Philadelphia area by a defective car seat, the personal injury lawyers at Wapner Newman can help. We’ll investigate your claim and use our decades of experience to determine and prove fault.

We can usually pursue compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income if you had to take time off work to care for your injured child
  • Funeral expenses (in wrongful death case cases)

Every case is unique and the compensation available to you will be determined by the circumstances of your claim.

If you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and your child has been hurt by a defective car seat, our personal injury lawyers are prepared to fight for you. Please contact  Wapner Newman today for a free consultation.