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When you think of a defective product, you probably think of a toaster that burns your bread or a moving toy with a broken joint. Those are harmless examples of defective products: they might be annoying, but they don’t cause injury or loss.

Unfortunately, there are scarier examples of defective products, like a game system that catches on fire and burns your home down. When a defective product harms a family member or destroys your property, you need the services of a defective product lawyer you can trust.

When a defective product malfunctions, it can greatly traumatize your family. Your loved ones might be permanently and severely injured, or your home might be lost. Even a small defect can be life-changing when a product fails in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

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Why Choose a Wapner Newman Defective Product Lawyer in Philadelphia?

Wapner Newman is an award-winning law firm that has been successfully representing personal injury clients for over 40 years. Our Philadelphia defective product lawyers provide experienced and compassionate representation for hundreds of clients every year.

The following are just a few reasons you should choose our law firm to represent you in a defective product lawsuit:

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Among our product defect attorneys is Marc G. Brecher, a lawyer with over a half-dozen accolades who has been working at Wapner Newman since 1985.

We are as proud of the success rates of our attorneys as we are of their compassion. When you are suffering after a defective product has upended your life, you need attorneys who understand what you are going through and will help you in every way possible. That is what makes Wapner Newman product defect attorneys in Philadelphia stand out.

Harm Caused by Defective Products

Defective Products Can Cause Lifelong Injuries and Suffering

Defective products can harm you in a variety of ways. Not all harm is direct or obvious, but when a defective product fails in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can be seriously and permanently injured.

Philadelphia defective product attorneys can help you identify whether a defective product was responsible for harming you or your family. The following are some of the more common examples of how defective products cause harm.

Direct Injuries Due to Product Breakage

When a product breaks while it is being used, there is a chance of serious injuries to the person using it. A good example is exercise equipment. If your exercise equipment fails while you are using it, the weights might come loose and fall on you. This injury would have been avoided if the product wasn’t defective.

Indirect Injuries Due to Product Breakage

Sometimes when a product fails, it isn’t immediately obvious. But that doesn’t mean it can’t cause harm. If your brakes fail while you are driving, the brakes don’t directly harm you. But your inability to stop your vehicle means that you will likely collide with something before your momentum stops.

In a case like this, the defective product harms you, and your vehicle might also harm other people.

Direct Harm Due to Unsafe Materials

Another way that a product can be defective is when it is made of materials that aren’t safe for the person using the product. For example, if a pacifier is made of toxic material, it will slowly poison your child over time. This type of injury often takes a while to manifest but may have lifelong effects like brain damage.

Material Losses Due to a Product Failure

Sometimes a product failure causes harm without injuring anybody. Fire hazards are the most common examples of this. If a product can overheat or spark, it could start a fire in your home, your vehicle, or another location. These losses can be just as life-changing as a major injury and qualify you to file a defective product lawsuit.

If you suspect a defective product has harmed you or your family, call the Wapner Newman product defect attorneys at (215) 569-0900.

FAQs to Ask Philadelphia Defective Product Lawyers

You think you have been harmed by a defective product, but you aren’t certain and you don’t know your rights. At Wapner Newman, we try to anticipate and answer as many of your questions as possible. In a trying time like this, we understand that being informed makes you feel more in control and safer.

Proving that a product is defective involves strong investigative skills. We can’t simply determine that a product failed. We have to prove that it failed in a preventable way.

To determine this, we will gather evidence about the specific product you were using and the design process for the product line. We will usually hire engineers who can provide expert testimony about failures in the design or manufacturing process.

Sometimes our investigation shows that the product failure was not preventable and that consumers were given a proper warning about such eventual failure. In that case, you probably aren’t eligible to file a defective product lawsuit.

Not only can you sue a company for a defective product, but you might also be able to sue multiple companies for some defective products.

Product defects usually arise during the manufacturing process. When the manufacturer negligently designs a product or uses substandard materials, a defect can appear in some or all of the products produced. However, even a perfectly designed and manufactured product can become defective before it reaches the consumer.

Most products require a degree of care during transit and storage. A perfectly safe product that is transported in an extremely hot truck or stored in a hot storage room could warp and become defective. If the manufacturer’s instructions warned against this type of transit or storage, the fault for the defect could belong to the transport company, distributor, or retailer. It is even possible that multiple companies share some level of fault. Our product defect attorneys in Philadelphia will determine who is at fault at the same time we determine whether the product was defective.

Liability is almost always tied to negligence in the legal field. For example, when a company dangerously cuts corners to lower costs, it is acting negligently.

Every company involved in the manufacture, transportation, and sale of the product is required to follow all safety protocols. Ignoring a safety protocol is an act of negligence that points to liability when harm results from those actions.

When it comes to defective products, carelessness is also a source of liability. Carelessness usually arises when a company fails to identify danger, even if the danger wasn’t a result of negligence.

Winning a lawsuit should protect future consumers of the product from getting harmed. But the results of a trial can take years and aren’t always well-publicized.

If you want to act fast to prevent further harm, you can report an unsafe product to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The commission will investigate your concerns and may issue a product recall due to your report.

Defective products can injure you in a variety of ways. Some common injuries are:

  • Burns from products that overheat or spark
  • Head injuries from falling objects
  • Fractures
  • Poisoning
  • Lacerations.

Injuries from defective products range in severity from minor to lifelong, depending on the circumstances. The main thing these injuries have in common is that they are preventable.

If you have more questions about defective products, you can speak with an online chat agent any time of day or night.

Philadelphia Product Defect Attorneys With a Heart

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