$2.25 Million Settlement for wrongful death of a 51-year-old man from failure to properly treat a heart attack in an emergency room

Marc Brecher represented the estate of a 51-year-old man who presented to a hospital within 45 minutes of the onset of severe chest pain. The emergency room doctor promptly diagnosed that he was having a heart attack and paged the on call cardiologist. However the on call cardiologist did not timely respond to the page. The emergency room doctor then decided to give the patient a clot busting drug without consulting with the on call cardiologist. The clot busting drug caused a massive intracranial hemorrhage which led to an irreversible coma and resultant death. It turns out that patients with heart attacks should not get a clot busting drug if they present with very high blood pressure which was present in this case. Brecher produced experts in the fields of cardiology, emergency room medicine and neurology to support this claim and obtain this substantial medical malpractice settlement.