$1.45 Million Settlement in Motor Vehicle Accident Case

In a confidential settlement involving a case of motor vehicle negligence, Wapner Newman attorneys Robert S. Miller and Adam S. Getson secured damages for a 55-year old former carpenter in Burlington County, New Jersey. The victim sustained multiple injuries, including, but not limited to, a fractured pelvis; collapsed lung; five fractured ribs; lacerated liver; fractured sacrum; lacerated lips; fractured tooth; right humerus fracture; right radius fracture; right ulna fracture; right arm skin graph; severed right flexor polluces longus tendon; severed right media nerve; small intraventricular hemorrhage; deep vein thrombosis of left lower extremity; sacral fracture; pubic fracture; nerve damage to right arm and fingers; as well as other injuries to his head, neck, back, spine, torso and extremities, their bones, cells, tissues, discs, muscles, cartilage, nerves and functions; together with shock and injury to his nerves and nervous system. During a day long Pre-Trial Conference, the attorneys secured $1,450,000.00 in damages for the plaintiff.