Painful Crash Questions Raised By Huge GM Recall

March 28, 2014

With the early February 2014 General Motors recall of 778,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada, a number of painful questions have been raised in terms of safety and preventive actions the carmaker could have taken. The 2005 Chevy Cobalt and its faulty ignition switch substandard performance has left many people wondering how this problem could have gone unchecked for so long.

With a product defect like this, on such a large scale, there are a number of questions our experienced accident attorneys in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area can find answers to and help you fight for your right to proper restitution. Call us at 1.800.529.6600 to learn more.

Proving Mechanical Failure

With the defective ignition switch, it is clear that the Chevy Cobalt had a definitive mechanical failure. To prove that mechanical failure, not distracted driving, caused an accident you and your accident attorney will need to clearly show that:

  • the vehicle owner was unaware of any product defect and had had no performance issues prior to the accident
  • the car’s driver was operating the vehicle in a safe manner
  • the product defect contributed to or caused the car to crash

In the fall-out after an auto accident, it can be unclear exactly who (or what) was at fault. There are times when the blame may fall on a driver when the actual cause was a defective vehicle part ignored by the manufacturer or a dangerous roadway that was improperly maintained.

Our experienced car accident lawyers in Philadelphia at Wapner Newman have the capability to perform a thorough accident investigation to examine every circumstance. We are often able to turn up new evidence in these cases which shed light on factors that the motorists who were involved may have been entirely unaware of.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle, car accident, or truck accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, please contact Wapner Newman to schedule your free initial consultation with our experienced truck accident lawyer. We ensure you are treated fairly and will aggressively fight for your fair compensation.