New Labels on Tylenol Warning of Acetaminophen Injuries

September 18, 2013

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, acetaminophen overdose sends approximately 80,000 people to the emergency room and causes the death of 500 more every year. Most of these hospitalizations and deaths are a result of liver damage sustained when too much acetaminophen is ingested, an issue that has resulted in a number of pharmaceutical injury claims in the past several years.

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New Label, Same Danger

In the wake of several product liability lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Tylenol, new bottles of the Extra Strength formula will have a warning on the cap, instructing users to read the directions on the label prior to use. This is a step towards protecting consumer safety, but it is important to remember that a warning on a product does not necessarily waive a corporation’s liability when their product causes harm.

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