Most people believe that their health is more important than anything else. They try to eat healthily, work out, and basically do everything in their power to keep their body working as it should. But there are times when we have no control over our own health.

When medical issues stem directly from other people’s actions, health issues can be even worse. When this happens, it’s time to contact a Croydon medical malpractice attorney.

We can help you find out if you have a case against your medical team and get you the compensation you deserve.


How Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Croydon Can Help

Wapner Newman attorneys have faced many medical malpractice lawsuits. And we pride ourselves in the results we can get for our clients. We have fought for our clients and won millions of dollars in compensation to help them with their difficulties going forward.

We believe that you deserve compensation if your health, or the health of a loved one, is impacted through the actions of the medical team that was supposed to be taking care of you.

How We Can Help

We can help you file your Croydon medical malpractice lawsuit. But, much more than that, we can support you through the entire process.

We care about our clients and that is why we work hard to make sure that their story gets told. Just some ways that we help them are to:

  • Investigate the case by looking at medical records and find eyewitnesses to the events that led to injury
  • Help determine those responsible for your injuries
  • Calculate your damages and make sure you are compensated fairly
  • File the paperwork needed for your case
  • Find expert witnesses to testify to the malpractice and the difficulties you are facing
  • Deal with those involved in a settlement, making sure that you don’t need to work on your own behalf
  • Ensure that all angles of the case are considered, including prior cases that are similar.

It is difficult enough dealing with the results of your injuries. We will make sure that the lawsuit gives you the compensation that you deserve, without adding more stress than you already have.

Proving Negligence

We will work to prove the negligence of those who were supposed to care for you. Negligence is more than a mistake. Those who cause harm should be held accountable for their actions. It would not be fair for you to pay all of the fees for this injury when it was someone else’s fault. A lawsuit could also help prevent more of these incidents in the future. So, despite the difficulty of proving all the facts, it can be done with the right Croydon medical malpractice attorney by your side.

Damage Awards in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in Croydon

In a successful medical malpractice lawsuit, our Croydon lawyers may win a damage award that covers the following:

Economic damages, for monetary costs and losses, including:

  • Past, present and future medical expenses such as costs for rehabilitation, therapy, and corrective surgeries
  • Lost wages and earnings and reduced or lost potential future earnings
  • Funeral costs, in case of a death.

Non-economic damages, for intangible quality-of-life losses that do not have a specific dollar value, such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and trauma
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Loss of consortium, companionship, and life’s pleasures.

Punitive damages. In some unusual cases, where a medical professional acted in ways that are deemed intentional or with a reckless disregard of the consequences, you may also be awarded punitive damages. These are meant to punish a defendant who acted in a willful, malicious way with a wanton disregard for others’ safety and to discourage similar situations from happening again.

In Pennsylvania, there is a cap on medical malpractice awards for punitive damages at two times the amount of actual damages in the case. Economic and non-economic damages are not limited or capped.

Amounts of Settlements

There is no average settlement amount for medical malpractice cases. Instead, there are a wide range of amounts possible—from the thousands to the millions of dollars—depending on the circumstances of the case. More severe injuries, such as brain and spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis and require lifetime care, or those that result in death may bring multimillion-dollar settlements.

Your attorney’s skill and negotiating power is also a factor in determining settlement amounts. Rest assured that our Croydon medical malpractice attorney will fight for the maximum compensation possible for your individual situation.


There are multiple facts to consider during this time.

What is considered medical malpractice?

There are many examples of medical malpractice, but it boils down to a medical provider not providing proper care. This can be injuries caused by their action but also by their lack of action.

What are the types of damages involved?

You can pursue three types of damages. The first is damages that are economic and have impacted your financial stability, for example, costs of care. The second is non-economic costs that have impacted your well-being, for example, trauma and pain. And lastly, punitive damages can be awarded as a punishment to the medical team.

How Much Damages Can You Expect?

The amount for damages depends on your case. For example, someone who is still able to work might get less than someone who is now unable to work. But we will discuss what you can expect and get fair compensation for your injuries.

Can a loved one file?

Yes, if your loved one has died or is otherwise injured in a way that they can’t represent themselves, then you can claim on their behalf.

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