Failure to Diagnose Bacterial Meningitis

April 10, 2012

For a parent, detecting bacterial meningitis can be tricky. Bacterial meningitis mimics the flu with its initial symptoms. However, when your child fails to get better or suddenly becomes worse and you suspect something more serious, pediatricians and emergency room staff are trained to detect bacterial meningitis before it causes serious medical problems.

One of the most common medical malpractice lawsuits brought against pediatricians and emergency room physicians is failure to detect bacterial meningitis. Sadly, when not detected, this common infection can lead to brain damage, coma, and even death.

How We Can Help

Medical personnel have a duty to perform necessary tests and rule out all possible causes of an illness. When they fail to do so and your family suffers for their negligence, you have a right to seek compensation with a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys at our firm have years of experience helping families who have suffered the consequences of a failure to detect bacterial meningitis. This may include long-term health and mental impairment, expensive medical intervention, and even the tragic loss of a child. We will fully assess the damages caused by this type of medical negligence and, working with a team of medical experts, work to prove liability and get your family the maximum compensation you are due.

If your child has suffered the consequences of a failure to diagnose bacterial meningitis in or around Philadelphia, Allentown, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, or anywhere in the state of New Jersey, please contact the medical malpractice attorneys at Wapner Newman to schedule a free initial consultation today.