Lansdale Birth Injury Lawyer

The day of your child’s birth marks a joyous occasion. After all the months spent in preparation, you deserve to celebrate your child’s entrance into the world. Tragically, for many families in Lansdale, the labor and delivery process goes terribly wrong. When your healthy infant is harmed by your medical team, you need a Lansdale birth injury lawyer fighting for you.

Lansdale birth injuries are often severe and devastating. When an infant suffers oxygen deprivation or brain trauma, the result is often severe disability. The costs of caring for a child with a severe birth injury can be exorbitant. Working with an experienced Lansdale birth injury attorney is the only way you can know that your child’s needs will be met throughout their life.

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Millions Recovered in Pennsylvania Birth Injury Cases

Wapner Newman is a leader in Pennsylvania birth injury cases. For over 40 years, our experienced Lansdale birth injury attorneys have been fighting for families in Lansdale and across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our award-winning Lansdale birth injury lawyers are proud to carry a long track record of regularly recovering multimillion-dollar birth injury compensation. Testimonials left by our past clients show that we bring the medical knowledge and legal experience you need to successfully recover compensation for a Lansdale birth injury.

Our skilled Lansdale birth injury lawyers are available to discuss your financial options after your child suffers an injury at birth in Lansdale. We offer free consultations, and you don’t pay our fees unless we win.

Medical Conditions Related to Lansdale Birth Injuries

Lansdale Birth Injuries Can Take Many Forms

There are many types of birth injuries. Sometimes, it’s immediately evident that your child has been seriously harmed. In other cases, the injuries may initially seem minor or nonexistent. Injuries at birth, such as oxygen deprivation, often lead to many other permanent health conditions. If your child has any of these injuries or medical conditions, there’s a good chance they are the result of medical negligence.

The following are some of the conditions commonly associated with birth injuries:

If your child’s health has been harmed by any of these conditions, you should contact a Lansdale birth injury lawyer immediately to discuss your options for recovering birth injury compensation.

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Signs of a Lansdale Birth Injury

Not all birth injuries involve physical injuries that you can see. Furthermore, if a medical team can get away with ignoring a birth injury, there’s a good chance they will. Doctors know that harming a child at birth may involve lawsuits and harm to their reputation.

You can’t always trust that a doctor will be honest with you about your child’s injuries or how they occurred.

If your infant showed signs of fetal distress, labor was lengthy, or your baby was born prematurely or underweight, you should be particularly aware of the most common signs of birth injuries. However, any infant can be injured at birth, even in cases when the delivery seems to be free of complications.

Lansdale Birth Injury Symptoms in Babies

There are several birth injury symptoms to look out for right after your baby has been born. Some of these include:

  • Difficulty latching on or swallowing milk
  • The back arching when the baby cries
  • Hands staying curled in a claw-like shape
  • Seizures
  • Reflexes weaker than normal or even absent
  • A heart rate that is lower than normal
  • Oxygen levels that aren’t normal
  • A very fussy baby.

Immediately after your child’s birth, you’ll likely still be in the hospital under the supervision of the medical team that caused the birth injury. You may need to consult another doctor for a neutral opinion on whether your child was injured. A Lansdale birth injury attorney can advise you on how to proceed.

Lansdale Birth Injury Symptoms in Toddlers

You could also only notice symptoms once your baby becomes a toddler. These symptoms could include, among others:

  • Delays or difficulty in walking or crawling
  • Speech delays
  • Issues with eating or using utensils and cups
  • Lack of coordination and muscle control
  • Involuntary movements.

If your child is missing developmental milestones or shows other signs that concern you, you should speak with your pediatrician and consult a Lansdale birth injury attorney right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Birth injuries are one of the most complex types of personal injury claims. Here are some of the most common questions new clients ask our Lansdale birth injury lawyers.

What should I do if I suspect my child was injured at birth in Lansdale?

If you suspect that a birth injury has taken place, you need to consult a Lansdale birth injury attorney right away. A lawyer needs to get involved in your case so they can begin collecting evidence that your infant was the victim of medical malpractice.

How much compensation can a Lansdale birth injury lawyer help my family recover?

When birth injuries are permanent or severe, Lansdale birth injury compensation frequently reaches multimillion-dollar amounts. In addition to covering your child’s medical bills, the compensation can cover the future or lifelong costs of care and treatment.

How long can I wait to call a Lansdale birth injury attorney?

You need to involve a Lansdale birth injury attorney as soon as you suspect that a birth injury has taken place. Pennsylvania has short time limits for filing birth injury lawsuits. Parents have only two years from the date they discover that a birth injury occurred.

What does it cost to hire a Lansdale birth injury lawyer? 

The Lansdale birth injury lawyers at Wapner Newman offer contingency agreements. This allows you to seek legal representation without paying anything up front. You pay our legal fees only if and when we win your Lansdale birth injury case.

You no doubt have additional questions after your child is injured at birth in Lansdale. Our skilled Lansdale birth injury attorneys offer free, no-obligation consultations to help you better understand your options.

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A serious birth injury can be a devastating event. At Wapner Newman, we know that no amount of money can restore your child’s health. However, our Lansdale birth injury attorneys can fight to ensure that your child’s needs will be met throughout their lifetime. Raising a child with health issues caused by a birth injury brings enough challenges without also worrying about finances. Our goal is to leverage our legal and medical experience so that financial stress isn’t an issue for your family.

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