Our children are so important to us, and as their parents and adults around them, it is important to keep them safe. When a child is born, it is expected to be a beautiful thing. However, in some cases, tragedy strikes, such as when children are injured either during birth or while receiving medical care. In these cases, it becomes necessary to look for a Philadelphia infant brain damage attorney to step in and take the lead.

It may be hard to believe, but one out of every thousand births in the United States results in brain damage. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 11,000 births in the United States every day. This means that on an average day, 11 children experience brain damage during birth that can result in expensive medical treatment and possibly life-long disability.

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Infant brain injury can happen so quickly and unexpectedly. While we as adults have harder skulls that do a better job of protecting our brains, children’s skulls are softer, making the chance of a brain injury much higher. Brain injury in children can occur during the birthing process, during any sort of medical care, and even in their home or school.

Infant brain injury is one of the leading causes of permanent damage to children and can even cause death in some cases. Brain injury can occur nearly anywhere and at nearly any time. Though we try to protect our children, sometimes we simply cannot. If you have a child that has been injured, or that you believe is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, you may be able to get help in paying for medical costs, ongoing medical expenses, and more.

An experienced infant brain damage attorney can help you to get the compensation you need and the care you deserve, and they can help you feel that your child is seen and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For those who are dealing with a traumatic brain injury, there are ways to get compensation to care for your child.

Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury in Children

There are a few signs you can look for in your child or children you know if you suspect they might be suffering from a brain injury. There are a range of signs you can watch for, such as:

  • Abnormal eye movement
  • Seizures
  • Neurological problems
  • Excessive crying for no reason
  • Difficulty swallowing and eating
  • Fussiness
  • Difficulty sleeping.

These are all signs a child may be dealing with a brain injury. Some of these signs are fairly common and are fairly easy to overlook. After all, babies often tend to cry, get fussy, and have trouble eating and sleeping. But the key is to pay attention to patterns that the child normally follows and to then try and determine if there is an abnormality thereafter.

In some cases, the damage from a brain injury may not be immediately evident. You may not notice any differences until the child starts walking, talking, and so on. For those who suspect that their child has had a brain injury, it is always best to pay close attention to the child and make sure you take the time to have them examined by a medical professional if you notice any of the previously mentioned signs.

What Are Potential Causes of a Brain Injury in Infants?

As mentioned before, infants have skulls that are not as hard, they are clumsy as they move around, and in some cases, birth can be a traumatic enough event that it can injure the child. There are several causes of brain injury in infants that you should be aware of, and knowing these causes can help you determine in you need an infant brain damage lawyer. They include the following:

  • Birth injury: This is one of the most common causes of brain injury in infants. The birthing process is very stressful, it is rather difficult on the child, and the improper handling of the child when they are being birthed can cause a huge range of problems. Doctors have a duty to ensure that their patients are safe and secure, and if a child is not taken care of during the birthing process and an injury results, you may be able to get a settlement.
  • Injury from a fall: This is another common cause of a child getting a brain injury. It could be that nobody is at fault for the fall, or it may be caused by an unsafe area where the child was being kept, like a home, school, or daycare facility.
  • Injury from assault: If a child is assaulted — either in a home, school, daycare facility, or so on — these are all causes for concern that can end up in a settlement for you to help care for your child.

Brain injury is common in children when serious injury occurs. If this is the case for you, you should take time to make sure you are doing all that you can to take care of the child and to ensure that you get the proper care for them.

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What Are Some Potential Lingering Effects of a Brain Injury?

Some symptoms indicate lingering effects of a brain injury. Things like delayed speech, delayed motor skills, inability to focus the eyes, and pain can all stem from a brain injury. Brain injuries can also cause permanent brain damage that can lead to many problems for the child in later life.

What Can Be Done

Many things can be done to help support a child that is dealing with a traumatic brain injury to help them in later life. A settlement is a great option when it comes to taking care of a child who is suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Settlements can help pay for medical bills that are associated with the cost of caring for the child after the initial incident.

A traumatic brain injury for a child can only be diagnosed by a doctor. Be sure to take your child to a doctor or a specialist to see what can be done. A good Philadelphia infant brain damage lawyer can help you get your case started and get your settlement taken care of.

Settlements can also help to pay for things like ongoing care, ongoing medical bills, and more to help ensure that the child is cared for during their life and that they are as comfortable as possible. It can be very expensive, stressful, and difficult to care for a child who is struggling with a traumatic brain injury, and having the proper care and the proper funds to do so can make the care much easier for everyone involved.

How We Can Help

We can help you get the best settlement possible to ensure that your child is going to be well cared for, that they are going to be safe and comfortable, and that you will be able to take care of them as needed. We want to help you find out if you have a case, determine how to proceed, and help you create a case that will get you a settlement that will help you care for your child for the rest of their life.

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Are traumatic brain injuries common in children?

Traumatic brain injuries are more common in children than you might imagine. It is easy for a child to get injured and for them to experience a brain injury. It is also easy for a child to be injured during the birthing process and day-to-day life.

Can you get a settlement for a birth injury for a child?

You can get a settlement from a hospital or other medical professional that might have injured them during the birthing process to help pay for the bills that are associated with the injury and any care thereafter. If your child has experienced brain damage from a birth injury, you can get a settlement.

What can you use your settlement for?

Settlement money can be used for medical bills, cost of care, cost of housing, and much more. It can be used for any cost that is associated with the child and their overall care.

How are settlements determined?

Settlements are often determined based on the severity of the injury, the cost of ongoing care, and other factors that might affect how much it is going to cost to care for the child.

Do I need a lawyer?

If you suspect that your child is suffering from a brain injury, it is always a good idea to talk to a lawyer to see if you have a case and determine how to move forward.

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