Questions about Brain Injury Lawsuits

What damages can be sought in a brain injury lawsuit?

Commonly, a brain injury lawsuit will seek financial compensation for current and future medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, home modification expenses, current and future lost wages, pain and suffering, and impact to quality of life.

If I am able to return to work, will doing so during my lawsuit hurt my case?

Returning to work can provide fodder for the defense in a brain injury lawsuit. However, if your doctors and therapists believe you are capable of returning to work, not doing so can also damage your case. Your best bet is to work with one of our experienced brain injury lawyers in New Jersey who will determine, along with your healthcare providers, what is in your best interest.

What is the difference between a “medical expert” and a “consulting expert?”

A medical expert will testify in court to help establish the damages caused by your injury. A consulting expert reviews and analyzes records to assist our attorneys in building a solid case on your behalf. Depending on your circumstances, we may utilize both in your lawsuit.

Will a neuropsychologist be required to prove my claim?

The defense will often require an evaluation from one of their hand-picked neuropsychologists. As such, we may appoint a neuropsychologist of our own to evaluate your damages and refute any claims made by the defense.

Is my choice of attorney important in a brain injury lawsuit?

Your choice of attorney will play a large role in determining your compensation. We have attorneys who focus solely on brain injury cases and have years of experience helping victims of brain injuries. If you suffered a brain injury due to the negligent act of another, we will work tirelessly to help ensure you are provided with the full compensation you are due.

If you live in the Philadelphia or Allentown, Pennsylvania, areas or in New Jersey and experienced a brain injury that may have been caused by another’s negligence, please contact the brain injury lawyers at Wapner Newman to schedule a free initial consultation today.