Brain Injuries Caused by Sports

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates around 300,000 brain injuries occur each year due to sports-related accidents. Contact sports in particular provide a number of opportunities for brain injury, but any sport in which the head can make contact with an unforgiving surface may result in damage. Brain injury remains the number one cause of death in sports-related accidents.

Brain Injuries and Youth Sports

Sadly, brain injuries most commonly in—and are most detrimental to—young athletes. Over 20 percent of sports-related brain injuries occur in people under the age of 18, a pivotal time in brain development. These injuries often remain undetected until it is too late and serious or irreversible damage has occurred.

Concussion is often the first indication of a brain injury. According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, 4 out of every 50 high school athletes will suffer from a concussion this year. Although the effects of a concussion are typically brief, multiple concussions can contribute to severe brain injuries.

Liability in Sports-Related Brain Injuries

There are certain risks inherent in athletic endeavors. However, school officials and coaches have a responsibility to ensure adequate safety equipment is provided to protect against brain injuries.

Likewise, when an athlete has suffered a potential head or brain injury, he or she should not be encouraged to return to the field of play before proper medical testing has been performed.

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