Head injury is a risk in any contact sport. While concussions have become almost commonplace in professional football, brain injuries are also a threat in boxing, soccer, and lacrosse, for example. If you or a family member suffered a brain injury while playing a sport, do you have legal options? The brain injury lawyers at Wapner Newman can help you determine whether you are eligible to get compensation.

Liability in Sports-Related Brain Injuries

When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

Outside of professional sports, the most common place where people play sports is in youth activities. This includes school teams and public youth activities. Unfortunately, this means that some of the people most likely to suffer brain injuries are children. For the most part, children can’t participate in organized sports without the permission of a parent. That leads to the question: If a parent gave permission for the child to play, who is liable for the injury?

While parents are responsible for the welfare of their children, that doesn’t mean they are liable for an injury. If another party was negligent, they may be liable for any injuries a child suffered. For example, if a coach allows athletes to practice without supervision, they may be liable. Similarly, if a child is on a school team and the school didn’t provide proper safety equipment, the school is likely liable for injuries the child suffered. An attorney from Wapner Newman will investigate the circumstances and determine whether another party is liable for the injury of your child.

Just because you permitted your child to participate in a sport, that doesn’t mean you are responsible for their injury.

Consequences of a Sports-Related Brain Injury

Getting Compensation for a Lifelong Injury Requires Representation from an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Concussions are not trivial injuries. While most people will recover from a single concussion, the damage never completely goes away and can create difficulties later in life. It also makes the victim more susceptible to later concussions, which can result in more traumatic brain injuries. If you or your child suffered a brain injury, take it seriously and consult with a medical specialist immediately.

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Why Choose Us?

At Wapner Newman, we understand the severity of consequences victims can suffer from sports-related brain injuries, especially if they are children. Our team focuses on getting you and your family fair compensation as quickly as possible. We know that speed matters in these situations, and the sooner you or your child can get the necessary medical attention, the better everyone will be in the long run. At Wapner Newman, we are proud of the results we have gotten for victims of brain injuries.


Do you have questions about sports-related brain injuries? The following are answers to some of the most common questions we have heard about this topic.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

If you are an adult, the statute of limitations in PA means you have only two years to file a lawsuit. However, if you are a minor, the statute of repose gives you until you turn 20 years old to file a lawsuit.

How much money will I get from a lawsuit?

That depends on how badly you were injured. However, if you suffered permanent brain damage, you may be eligible for hundreds of thousands or more.

Should I accept a settlement from the insurance company?

Never accept a settlement unless your lawyer has looked over it and approved it. Typically, the first settlement offer is much lower than what you deserve.

My child’s team/school says I have to sign a waiver to get compensation. Should I?

No. Never sign anything without your lawyer’s approval. Most likely the liable party is trying to avoid responsibility.

If you have any other questions, our attorneys will answer them during the free consultation.

Consult With an Attorney About Sports-Related Brain Injuries

Almost everyone who has played sports has suffered some sort of injury. If you or your child suffered a brain injury, consult with a lawyer right away. It could save you lots of money on current and future medical bills.

At Wapner Newman, our personal injury lawyers understand how serious brain injuries can be. If you or your child suffered one, contact us at (215) 569-0900 immediately to discuss your legal options.