Surgical Errors

February 19, 2013

Going in to a hospital for surgery is always a stressful experience. We are never as powerless as when we are under anesthesia, relying on a doctor’s skill and experience to keep us safe. It is because we place such trust in surgeons that medical malpractice is so devastating. Every year thousands of Americans are hurt or even killed by avoidable surgical errors. If you’ve been injured in surgery, you should speak with our medical malpractice lawyers about your options.

In our decades of experience serving the people of Philadelphia and Allentown, we’ve seen too many lives ruined by surgical errors. This experience will help our medical malpractice lawyers pursue your claim and compensation.

Some common surgical errors include:

  • Leaving surgical items inside patients
  • Anesthesia mistakes
  • Operating on the wrong body part
  • Poor technique

Most surgeons are capable, careful professionals. But their errors can have devastating, even lethal, consequences to patients. Our medical malpractice lawyer can evaluate your case at a free medical malpractice consultation.

If you’re a resident of Philadelphia or Allentown, Pennsylvania and you’re looking for an experienced medical malpractice lawyer, please contact Wapner Newman today for a free consultation.