$700,000 Thousand Verdict for a 66-year-old man who suffered injuries from a delayed diagnosis of a knee infection

Marc Brecher represented a 66-year-old man who present to his family doctor with a swollen and painful knee. The family doctor mistakenly believed that his patient had sciatica. Two days later the patient presented to an emergency room again complaining of a swollen and painful knee . The emergency room doctor referred him to an orthopedic surgeon instead of suspecting that the knee pain. No antibiotics were prescribed by the emergency room physician. By the time the patient saw the orthopedic surgeon the knee was massively infected and the infection had spread to his spine. The patient ultimately was hospitalized for four months and underwent multiple operations before the infection was finally eradicated. Brecher’s expert presented testimony that the family doctor and emergency room physician should have suspected a knee infection. The knee should have been drained and cultured and appropriate antibiotics should have been started. For this medical malpractice case, a verdict of $700,000 was awarded.