$4.2 Million Settlement for Child who Suffered Brain Damage During Shoulder Dystocia

Marc Brecher secured a settlement in the amount of $4,200,000 for a child that suffered permanent brain damage during a delivery that was complicated by a shoulder dystocia. The mother of this child was a gestational diabetic. Gestational diabetic mothers are at risk for delivering excessively large children. In the instant circumstances, the mother delivered a baby that was over 10 pounds. Unfortunately, this baby became stuck in the mother’s birth canal during the delivery. This condition is known as a shoulder dystocia. During a shoulder dystocia, a baby may not be properly oxygenated. In the instant circumstances, this child suffered brain damage because it took an excessive amount of time to extract the baby from the birth canal. It was alleged that a cesarean section should have been performed to avoid this complication. A portion of the settlement proceeds was used to purchase a structured settlement annuity, which will pay this child over $15,500,000 over the course of his lifetime.