$7 Million Settlement obtained by Marc Brecher in Birth Trauma Case

Marc Brecher successfully obtained a $7 Million medical malpractice lawsuit settlement on behalf of a child who was born brain damaged due to lack of oxygen while her mother was in labor. Brecher’s Complaint alleged the attending obstetrician failed to properly interpret the fetal heart rate monitor tracing strips which demonstrated that the baby was in fetal distress during the last two and half hours of labor. Brecher obtained experts in the fields of maternal fetal medicine, neonatology, placental pathology, pediatric neurology, pediatric neuroradiology and obstetrical nursing to support his theories of liability. Defendants countered with experts from the same fields arguing that the obstetrician properly interpreted the fetal heart rate monitor strips and that the baby’s neurological deficits were due to conditions that preexisted mother going into labor. A Special Needs Trust has been established for this child which will professionally manage her substantial financial award.