$4.5 Million Settlement Obtained for Child who Suffered Irreversible Brain Damage due to Failure to Properly Interpret Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Tracings

Medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, Marc Brecher has obtained a $4.5 Million settlement on behalf of a child who suffered irreversible brain damage due to the failure of the attending obstetrician to properly interpret fetal heart rate monitor tracings. It is common that a baby’s heart rate is recorded on a continuous strip, which indicates the baby’s well being. In this particular case, the baby was showing severe fetal distress on the fetal heart rate monitor tracings, yet the attending obstetrician failed to stop labor and perform an immediate cesarean section. As a result of the failure of the attending obstetrician to halt labor, the baby suffered continuous intra-utero stress in the hours leading to his delivery which left the baby with permanent brain damage. A portion of the settlement proceeds was used to purchase a structured settlement annuity which will pay this child in excess of $11.9 Million over the course of his lifetime.